Career Opportunities

This course is intended for those who are aiming to build or enhance their careers working in organizations that operate in the context of the informational economy:

• in public or private sector organizations where privacy programs and policies;

assessing the societal impact of technology development;

• addressing privacy consulting tasks for large organizations as well as for start-ups or specific projects;

bridging tasks and perspectives at the technical level with the decision-making level in ICT-projects;

• it is also aimed at those who work on or with technologies who are seeking tools with which to assess and understand the implications of their technologies or how to include privacy principles into their designs.

Once completed the masters, students can confidently tackle any task related to technology, privacy and data protection and will be outstanding from both technical and management perspectives.

Graduates in the Masters of Technology and Privacy will develop talents, interests and skills leading to an occupation in various sectors (being them in academia or as specialized consultants).

Students who complete this program will be well prepared for jobs positions as:

• Privacy manager
• Privacy policy analyst

This program comes to specifically meet the need arising from the proposed new European Data Protection Directive, which will make it compulsory for all companies with more than 250 employees and all public bodies have a Data Privacy Officer (DPO), which must establish a proper and proven training.