Learning online

The flexible format of the masters program is ideal for practitioners. Offered exclusively online, the joint UdG-Eticas masters relies on master classes in English given by experts in each module. Those enrolled also benefit from close assistance and follow-up provided by tutors.

The online portion of the course is administered through the University of Girona’s Moodle-powered Virtual Campus platform, which allows students to learn faster, more independently and through individualized tutoring for each course that establishes close working relationships between students and tutors.

Learning mode: online 60 ECTS* (225 classroom hours + 375 practice hours + 900 homework hours).
* 1ECTS= 25 working hours (classroom, practice and homework hours).

What is the approximate weekly workload?
There will be 10 hours of lectures per week, and could expect to spend up to 40 hours completing autonomous and guided work.

What are the hardware and software requirements for the program?
You will need access to a computer with reliable internet connection.