Our students say

Ruth Benito, Lawyer, Barcelona – Spain
I may say how happy I am to have chosen the Master in Technology and Privacy run by UdG and Eticas Consulting. The Master in Technology and Privacy provided me a wide broad view and knowledge of the impact of technology on information management. That is because this Master’s Degree addresses the problem not only from a legal point of view, but also from the social, philosophical and ethical perspectives, and because it offers the global picture and not referring exclusively to a single country or region.

Ileana Robles, Political Scientist, Argentina
In Argentina, the issue of (in)security it’s been present in all kind of agendas, from social to governmental ambits, or mass media, and in all jurisdictions and electoral appointments. However, questions like how using security technologies is having an impact on privacy or in other fundamental rights, has not being present in the public opinion. I think we are far from the social debate around the consequences of these new problematics, thus being participating in the Master’s Degree in Technology and Security was a kind of wonderful travel to the future, that will be very helpful for political scientists of Latin America in our professional development.

Jens Dobberthin, Computer Scientist, Germany
As a computer scientist, the multidisciplinary approach of the Master’s Degree in Technology and Privacy enables me to discuss privacy-related issues with sociologists and other researchers and practitioners. Moreover, it helps me to promote the development of privacy-friendly software and systems.

E.L., Political Scientist, Barcelona – Spain
Enrolling in this Master’s Degree in Technology and Privacy is a good decision for everyone looking forward to receive both theoretical knowledge and practical training in privacy-related issues. As Big Data and modern technology are quickly reshaping world politics (information management, leakages, wearables, “smart citizenship”, algorithmic decision-making…), privacy is progressively drawing the stakeholders’ attention, and therefore more experts in the field will be soon needed.

Anke Dobberthin, Data Protection Officer, Germany
I really enjoyed being a student in the Master Course ‘Technology and Privacy’. The international team of lecturers provides a hands-on approach and gives a valuable insight of their professional experience. In my current position as a data protection officer I profit from the close link between this practical approach and a sound theoretical basis.